Soundscapes: translating from music

This short online course provides an introduction to the meaning-making potential of music, with a view to ultimately stimulating the production of intersemiotic translations into other media, such as drawing, poetry, mime or dance. Organised by CETAPS under the auspices of the Experiential Translation Network, it is aimed at anyone that is interested in or moved by music, with or without a background in musical practice or theory. The objective is to heighten awareness of the semiotic potential inherent in the Western musical tradition through a series of listening exercises and discussions, before mobilizing this knowledge in the production of a new creative work.

The course will run for 6 sessions from 8th April 2022.  After the course, an exhibition session will be organized in order to present the various translations created and discuss the implications of the exercise with a broader public. 

Organized by CETAPS/Translationality under the auspices of the Experiential Translation network

Table of contents